Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Lake Has Many Faces

I drove around Dewey Lake early Sunday morning  It always amazes me how different the same places can look, depending on the season, the weather, the hour, even the minute.  This rather majestic scene was shot from the bottom of the dam, while the following is a picture of the steps I descended to get there, with the high water marks are painted the steps with the dates.

This shot was made after I came back up the steps.  It is of the control tower of the dam, or, if you prefer, it is a shot of the dam control tower.  The clarity of tiny sensor in my pocketable Ricoh GRD III camera amazes me.

The following two pictures were made within a hundred feet or so of each other at another stop.  Sometimes the journey is at least as important as the destination.

Thanks to software, it is easy to get many looks from the same digital camera - even one with a small sensor and a fixed, non-zoom lens like the GRD III.


  1. That second to last image is gorgeous. I hope you make a nice print of that at some stage.


    1. Thanks Neal. It was a very tranquil scene. I tried to capture that in the picture.

  2. Very nice shots. I particularly like the b&w shots. They might have been boring in color but look swell in b&w.


  3. Jeff, these are simply stunning :) I am dead to the world at the moment, but these threaten to wake me :)