Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Book Update: The Reviews are in!

Well, maybe not "the" reviews, but ten reviews so far have been posted on Amazon.  Thank you to the readers who took time to do that!  What do they say?  Here's a sampling:

"Road of Regret" reminded me (in a great way!) of the police procedurals that I enjoy watching on TV, but I think that fans of FX's "Justified" (which is also largely set in Eastern Kentucky) will REALLY enjoy this murder mystery.
Emily Northcutt

I literally read it in one day and an evening. Because it's that good! Don't miss out. If you love a good crime mystery or even you don't, you will love this book. The twists and turns in the story kept me wanting more.

I loved this book ! It was full of twist and turns and a few surprises.


You can see more reviews here.

Haven't reviewed it yet?  Please consider posting one at Amazon or Goodreads.  Or both - I don't want to impose limits.

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