Saturday, September 14, 2013

Random Thoughts and Shots

Candle and cigar from the Middle Creek Civil War Battle Re-enactment
Ann had her first round of chemotherapy on Thursday.  I've learned several things since her diagnosis of breast cancer on June 28.  First, the cancer treatment industry is a-boomin'.  Good for those in the industry.  Bad for the rest of us.

The good folks in the cancer treatment business told us it was fine if people visited while Ann was getting chemo.  There was no limit, they said.  At one point, around lunch time, there were nine people visiting.  So now they tell us we can only have two people at a time visiting.  The second thing I've learned is this - people in the cancer treatment industry can't be trusted to be consistent.  They also don't like it if you want to take anti-oxidants.  That's the third thing I've learned.

One good thing I've learned is just how beloved my wife is by so many people!

Another thing I've learned, thanks to our daughter, Lauren, making a board of fun facts to go in the bedroom she made for us for when we are in Lexington for treatment, is that turtles can breathe through their butts.

Another thing I've learned, thanks to our daughter's husband, Jesse, is that a byte isn't necessarily 8 bits.  It is actually hardware dependent and there are systems with different numbers of bits.

Something I've learned from my son, Jordan, is that employers seem to struggle with the concept that full time college students carrying 17 hours of classes can't really work 30+ hours per week.

But really, that turtle thing, that's amazing.  Isn't it?
Route 3 to Inez

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  1. It's an interesting fact, for sure. Also, what are they going to do? Kick us out? We'll just bunch up in the corner next time. :)