Thursday, November 28, 2013


Lots of travel last week - to Louisville on Friday and Cincinnati on Saturday.  I'm thankful we made the trips safely, that we had family time in Cincy, that Ann is feeling a little better today from a sinus infection and from her last (LAST!) round of chemo, and that we're not actually doing "Thankgiving" today because I'm tired.  We're doing it on Saturday.  I'm also thankful for my little Ricoh GRD III camera that fits in my pocket - even though I often forget to take it out and use it.

While in Louisville I stopped by Chuck Rubin's fantastic used camera store.  I ended up leaving empty handed but Bardstown Road is a great place for a short stroll.

In Cincinnati I only took a couple of pictures with the camera, including this one of my son Jordan and his girlfriend Oriana walking in front of us during our shopping.  It was too cold to shop much.

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