Sunday, November 3, 2013

Thank You!

From recent reviews of The Road of Regret at

I love Detective Leander Justice. He is a damaged man with a lifetime of regret behind him, yet he continues to persevere. Also, he's a complete badass -- sometimes stupid in his decisions, but a badass nonetheless.
Annie Chance 

The book is just damned good. Fans of James Patterson, Lee Child, or other thrillers should definitely check out this book.
Carolyn Keel

Caught up in triple murders in his old home town — Prestonsburg, Kentucky — Detective Justice is fated to face his demons, question his former decisions and make a stand — for Law or for Justice. 
Would I read another Leander Justice novel?



  1. "The Road of Regret" was a double edged sword of goodies for me. First of all - it's a great crime story. It pulled me in right from the start, then took me in a direction that was unexpected, which was delicious. Then to have the story set in my hometown of Prestonsburg, Kentucky pretty much put me over the edge. I would recommend this read to anyone and of course everyone!