Sunday, May 19, 2013

Oh, Savannah. Y'all.

The holiday to Savannah Georgia required about eight and a half hours on the road, each way, and all for only a three night stay.  But my wife and I saw lots of sights, ate lots of good food, and had lots of good drinks.  And met lots of friendly people.  We both needed a break from work, and this trip provided a perfect getaway.   I'll spare you most of the more touristy shots, but here are a few pics from our time in the city.



Shadow Play

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

Two Doors Down

Forsyth Park

Soho South Cafe



A Wall with Vine and Sunshine

The Thinker at B. Matthews Restaurant

The Proprietor

Antique Store

A Patriot Lives Here.

The Bench


Hello Yellow

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