Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Morning Ritual


  1. Nice to see another who shaves a more traditional way.

    I started using double sided safety razors and proper shaving cream after reading an article on "the Art of Manliness" website titled something along the lines of, "How to shave like your grandfather"

    I've been shaving this way for a couple years now and would never go back to the dodgy expensive disposable head type.

    Nice photo too. Almost has a film feel to it.

    1. Thanks Neal. I think I read a similar article somewhere because I didn't know they even still made these things. And there really is a ritual to using a brush and safety razor. I toyed with getting a straight razor but decided that was probably more risk than I needed take so early in the morning. :) I think the film look comes partly from noise from the high ISO my little camera used in the bathroom and some slight curve adjustment.