Saturday, March 29, 2014

San Francisco: '09 with a G9

We took a family vacation to San Francisco in June of 2009.  It was my first trip with a compact digital camera - the Canon G9.  I've been hooked on small cameras ever since.  As I've been working my way through my archive, reworking older pics with benefit of the powerful tools in Lightroom 5 and Nik plug-ins, I've been wondering how the pictures from the old G9 would hold up.  As it turns out, they hold up very well.  Oh, they aren't usually much to look at when pixel peeping at 100%, but when viewed at normal sizes, they look great.  Software, I think, is as important as the camera.  Fortunately, I shot these pictures in RAW format so all of the information captured by the sensor is still there in the files, and Lightroom 5 does a much better job of pulling that information out of the files than did whatever I was using in '09 - I think it was whatever version of Photoshop Elements was then current.  Here are some of the recent reworkings, some shown for the first time, and most shown for the first time in color.

Outside Vesuvio

Inside Vesuvio (extra noise reduction fron Nik Dfine 2 plug-in)

The Cool Smoker (taken by my son, Jordan)

Musicians at Cafe Trieste

Cafe Trieste

Night Life

Taken on a bus ride to Muir Woods
Guard Tower at Alcatraz

Leaving the Rock

Golden Gate

Fort Point

The Palace of Fine Arts

So the family is walking down the street when these folks on bicycles come by.  Naked.

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