Sunday, March 30, 2014

How Much Camera Do I Need?

As I continue to rework older pictures from my Canon G9, I find myself wondering how much camera I really need.  I am very pleased for the most part with the quality I am finding in these files from 2008, although some just aren't up to snuff.  The image quality from my more recent Ricoh GRD III (which came out in '09 I think), seem better.  If only that little camera had a zoom lens.  The more I look at these pictures, the more I think that a small sensor camera might be enough for me.  Maybe a Panasonic Lumix LX7 would be ideal - smaller than Canon's G series and with a Leica zoom lens that starts at a relatively wide 24mm equivalent.  A couple of years old now, and cheap.  We'll see.  Here's some more from the G9, circa 2008.

Rain Begins


What Lies Beneath


The Curve


  1. Jeff, great shots you have here. I'm particularly partial to "What Lies Beneath," but I'll bet that doesn't surprise you at all.

    I have, and still shoot with the LX-5 on occasion, particularly where lightness is important to me. My daughter has an LX-7. We're both very happy with these cameras. I don't quite understand why, but the LX-5 still sells for significantly more new than does an LX-7. As far as I can tell, IQ is the same; the LX-5 might be slightly smaller in the hand. My recent Flickr post with the bicycle is from the LX-5. I've been forcing myself lately to use my EM5; I like the IQ, hate the menu system. Still use my Oly 600 occasionally, a comparatively heavy beast.

    1. Thanks Bill. I can hardly wait for spring to really arrive and some green to appear here so I can go out and take some new pictures. I'll probably give the Canon EOS M some use since I really haven't done much with it since I bought it last fall. I really miss having physical controls on it, and hate its menu system, although image quality is better than anything I've ever used before. So I will probably try to master it a little better before deciding for sure whether to keep it or not. I miss my Oly 620. The sensor wasn't great but it was a well thought-out camera. Right now I only have the M and the little Ricoh GRD III which really does fit in a jeans pocket. Well, I have a Fujifilm X10 too, but it it on loan to my son. I admire people who have one camera and stick with it. Just don't know if I'll ever be one of 'em.