Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Short Trip


I had a short trip to Harlan (Kentucky) yesterday.  Harlan is, of course, where part of the TV show Justified is set, although it isn't filmed there.  It is the home of, among other things, the Ky Mine Supply Co.  For some reason, maybe because of the train tracks in the foreground, this reminds me of a model railroad building.

As I passed sign after sign with arrows pointing towards places with interesting names, like Totz and Putney and Lynch and Kingdom Come and Bad Branch Falls, it occurred to me how many odd names we have for places in this area.  Although I didn't have time to get off the beaten path (Route 119) to pursue any of these yesterday, I did make a few quick stops while on the beaten path.


Oven Fork

Roadside, Pine Mountain, Letcher County

Carr Fork


  1. Oh my. A thousand stories in each photograph. Oven Fork -- the site of one of the worst mining disasters in our history. Now a kitschy mercantile. The faded fake flowers beside the road - my mind went to a lost young man in his prime, driving too fast, flipping his car, leaving his young girlfriend behind. And a grieving mother who brings sad flowers. Who knows? But you make the mind wander. Thank you for taking the time to stop and catch the images of our places….our home. BJR

    1. Thank you for the thoughtful comment. There are so many stories here. The flowers are a mystery - no cross or marker or name anywhere, just the flowers attached to the guardrail pole. There are so many buildings and objects I've seen that I've thought "I need to get a picture someday," but then next time I go by it is gone. I'm going to try to stop more the first time I see something.