Friday, August 30, 2013

Free Book!!!!

It's Labor Day weekend and what better time for a book to read?  The wait is over and today (Friday) and tomorrow (Saturday), the End of August Giveaway is officially on!  You can download the Kindle version of my novel, The Road of Regret, for free.  Gratis.  Why am I giving away complimentary copies of my hard work?  Because I'm a kind and generous guy.  Okay, so there is also the fact that Amazon counts the number of downloads to determine sales position, so each download pushes my book a little further up the bestseller list.  It's currently number 137,587 on the list, so yes, please, help me move it up there so that it appears on the radar for others to see and perhaps buy for money after the two day sale is over.  Also needed on that front are reviews of the book.  So if you like it, please post a review on Amazon.  But yeah, mostly it's because I'm a kind and generous guy.  Also, I'm a lawyer, so here's you chance to live that dream of taking advantage of one.

You can download my book here.  Come on, mess me over.

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